UT Baseball Weak on Sponsors

At the UT vs. PVAMU baseball game this weekend at Disch-Falk, there was something missing on the field. Where are all of those pesky advertisers we all love to hate?! It seems as though advertising has become so integrated with our lives that we sometimes miss it when it’s not there, or is that just me?


The scoreboard had plenty of ads plasters around it, but where were the ones in the outfield? Around the dugout? On the cups for god sake! It’s been a very long time since I have seen a cup at any event without the words Coca Cola printed on it. Now, whether this lack of advertising is because UT didn’t want any or they just couldn’t find any are two completely different stories, but it’s almost an eerie feeling I get if it’s surrounding me at every popular event.



Mavs Media

By: Jenna Read

One doesn’t need to be a Dallas Mavericks fan to be familiar with their eminence. In fact, one doesn’t even need to like basketball. The Mavericks are, without doubt, one of the most well known sports teams across the country. The more stimulating question is: Why is it that the Mavs are so renowned? Could it be because of their consistent success? Of course, but the team’s wins aren’t the only reasons for their nationwide fame.

Mark Cuban, the Mavericks outspoken owner and billionaire entrepreneur, has created a brand behind the Mavericks – a brand, which sells. Whether one likes the Mavs or not, everyone knows them, and it is largely for this reason. The team is a brand, and this brand has been perpetuated in large part due to marketing and social media efforts. The Mavs even have multiple of their own hashtags: #MFFL, #MavsAreOne, and #MavsFriday. On Twitter they have 655,000 plus followers and have tweeted over 20,500 times. Their social media accounts are constantly giving insight into their practices and include footage of Coach Carlisle and key players, like Tyson Chandler. In addition, promotional events before games are consistently publicized via social media.

Certainly, most NBA teams are concerned with their social media efforts, but the Mavs are next level, thanks to Cuban. As a businessman, he understood the concept of creating a brand, and did just that. Cuban never fails to look for the next opportunity to advance the image of the Mavs and capitalize their social media strategies.

Below is the link to their official social media page:


Seattle Sounders Community Outreach

I believe the social media strategy of the Seattle Sounders during their Impact Seattle Week was both strategic and proactive. #ImpactSeattleWeek lasted from April 19th until April 26th and benefitted over 1,600 local non-profits. During this week the Seattle Sounders partnered with 8 different organizations to help make Seattle a healthier and more vital place to live in. Prior to the Portland MLS Game the team as well as anyone who was interested gathered on the North Plaza of CenturyLink Field for their first ever non-profit fair.

Overall, this week was a great way to have the players give back to their city and help be proactive about making it a healthier place to live. I believe the Seattle Sounders social media team did a great job promoting the week and encouraging fans attending the game to also attend the non-profit fair prior to the game. I believe this was a great addition to their community outreach and makes the team more appealing overall. It shows the team is hard working and dedicated to winning, but also wants to give back to the community and fans to help improve the world as a whole.

I believe the Seattle Sounders are a great example of positive community outreach and going beyond just volunteering for an afternoon. I believe that the weeklong event showed dedication and commitment to the community and fans responded positively as well. I believe the promotion of events on the Facebook and Seattle Sounds homepage were necessary to spread awareness, but not overpowering.