Is the Toilet Bowl era about to begin and will it include the Longhorns?

Credits : Paul Jobson,

Every year in December, it is bowl time in the world of college football. This season, there are not one, not two but 40 different bowls taking place. That’s two more than last year and 22 more than in 1995. So, when it is time to find teams to fill all these games, the NCAA is having more and more trouble given the rising number of bowls to be played.

What about the Longhorns in all that? Standing at 4-5, they need two wins in their last three games to be bowl eligible, and it starts next Saturday against West Virginia University. Then, with a record of 6-6 or 7-5 (we got you, Baylor) their season could end with a bowl game. Sure, the bottom ranked college bowls games are not the sexiest, but this year we could see something even worse : the beginning of the Toilet Bowl era (yes, worse than the 1983 Oregon vs Oregon State game).

Indeed, there might not be enough teams with a .500 record to fill every spot for this 2015-2016 season. It means that a 5-7 team could play a bowl game this year, according to the NCAA rules and CBS Sports Jerry Palm. In this week playoffs projection, Palm listed four teams that he thinks will end up at 5-7 and still play in a bowl. That is four reasons to have a big laugh and pat ourselves on the back: we will not go down in history by playing in the first true Toilet Bowl.

But you may ask, are not the Longhorns potentially ending their season at 5-7 as well? That is possible. However, the tiebreaker for the 5-7 teams is their Academic Progress Rate (APR) evaluating academic performance of student athletes. Unfortunately UT’s latest score is 958 (out of 1000), far from other 5-7 contenders such as Nebraska (985). So in the end, is qualifying for this year’s potential Toilet Bowl a failure or an achievement ? Your call.


Author: sportswille

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