Round One Under Way

The NBA Playoff season tipped off this Saturday and round one is now under way. There are some serious match-ups to look forward to, as well as high hopes raised for Golden State’s fight for another title run.

warriors eEOS-2
Warriors break NBA record for most pre-season wins. 

The San Francisco Warriors start off their post-season play with a matchup against the Houston Rockets. Each now has something to prove. One team just came out of an exhausting record-breaking season and the other quite the opposite – a team that has encountered potholes of loss and smoldering piles of unrealized potential. The Rockets are hoping to tap into these factors to dominate the NBA Playoff favorite.

The 2015 season had picked the Rockets as an easy win into the title series, but the Warriors scooped in and scored big to make their first appearance in the Finals since 1975. Last year’s NBA Playoffs should have predicted a winning season for both, but past play couldn’t have predicted this year’s positioning for Houston. The Rockets just BARELY grasped the final seed position and are matched to play the first seed team, which is no other than the Warriors. The final three teams that were constantly faltering around the playoff borderline were the Grizzlies, Mavericks and Rockets, kicking the Utah Jazz out of post-season play. Many have proposed that a better Round 1 matchup would have been with the Jazz. A match-up with the grinding, hustling, resilient, never-say-die Jazz team would have certainly been much more taxing than what’s sure to be a laughable contest against Houston

Game 1 is down in the books, with the Warriors, by no surprise,taking the win with a 104-78 game. The biggest thing to take away from Rockets-Warriors Game 1 was that Houston is going to need a miracle to win a game in this series. This unforeseen “miracle” could be Stephen Curry’s ankle. Right now it’s looking like a small injury, but the Warriors need to be extremely cautious on his playtime and Houston needs to reanalyze it’s game on the court with or without Curry as a threat.

The Warriors take on the Rockets in Oakland at 9:30CST on Monday, April 17 for Game 2.

Watch the ESPN Game 2 Preview here.



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