Still Boston Strong


The Boston Marathon took place earlier this week and marked the 120th anniversary. Runners from around the world come to Boston in order to compete in the iconic marathon. This year, women were honored as having been in the race for half a century now.

As for results:

Ethiopia swept the competition, with runners Atsede Baysa and Lemi Berhanu Hayle winning the women’s and men’s divisions this year. Hayle finished with a time of 2:12:45 and Baysa with 2:29:19.

Atsede Baysa, Lemi Berhanu Hayle
Baysa and Hayle after receiving their accolades for winning this year’s marathon, AP Photo/Elise Amendola
Tatyana McFadden
Tatyana McFadden, AP Photo/Elise Amendola
Marcel Hug

The wheelchair divisions’ winners were runners Tatyana McFadden from the United States in the women’s division, and Marcel Hug from Switzerland in the men’s division, both pictured above.

But we can’t forget to honor the other important people in the race: the survivors of the tragic bombing in 2013.

Boston Marathon bombing survivors Jeff Bauman and Celeste Corcoran embrace at the finish line of the 120th running of the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts
Jeff Bauman and Celeste Corcoran, REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Jeff Bauman and Celeste Corcoran survived the 2013 incident and returned this year for the 2016 race. Both Bauman and Corcoran lost their legs from the bombing, but they don’t let anything stop them from competing!

Boston Marathon
Patrick Downes (second from left), AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Another survivor, Patrick Downes is pictured as he crosses the finish line, hand in hand with friends.

Since the 2013 bombing, security has been upgraded. Police now check bags and have an increased presence at the marathon.

Police check a woman’s bag, REUTERS/Gretchen Ertl

On a final note:

I send my condolences to those who have lost someone dear in the bombing and cheer on all survivors. Thank you for your bravery. #BostonStrong


Author: sportswille

Reformed ad agency guy. Sac Kings, PGA Tour, Pebble Beach, Aspen yielded fascination with sports business. Now teach at my alma mater, University of Texas Austin: Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Business and Law and Sports Audiences. 40 year streak of single digit handicap under severe pressure.

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