Brothers In Baseball: The Newest Sibling Sports Duo at The University of Texas

Kacy and Kody Clemens are brothers from Houston who are both currently playing on the UT baseball team. They are following the footsteps of their father, Roger Clemens, who played on the 1983 UT Baseball National Championship team.


Siblings attending the same college is nothing newsworthy, but how about siblings playing among each other on their college sports team. The University of Texas has been known for some sibling duos that have made a name for themselves in UT sports. No one can forget the famous McCoy brothers, Colt and Case, who both played for the Texas Longhorn Football team. The next duo is among us with the Clemens brothers!

Clemons Brothers (Kody left, Kacy right)
Kacy Clemens
Kody Clemens

Kacy Clemens (Number 42) is a Junior on the UT Baseball team. He plays as pitcher as well as in infield. His brother Kody Clemens (Number 2) joined the team this year as a Freshman and has been playing infield. The brothers from Houston have the privilege of playing with one another on the same team their father once played on. Their father, Roger Clemens, not only was a MLB pitcher, but was on the 1983 UT Baseball National Championship

Roger Clemens

team. The brothers have made baseball a family sport that they can enjoy together as they too aim to make it big in baseball. This season the boys have  been notable for their great performance on the team. Growing up with the presence of their dad and his experience on the team have shaped them into the players they are today. Beyond their father the Clemens boys have made a name for themselves as they have proven valuable assets to the University of Texas Baseball roster. Kacy and Kody continue to wow UT Baseball fans through their impressive plays and stats. We cannot wait to see where they take us as the season continues. Hook Em’ Horns!







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