Dangerous Roads

NASCAR is easily one of the most dangerous sports of our time. Essentially you are in a metal death trap that goes upwards to 200 mph. You are also surrounded by several other metal death traps that are also going 200 mph. Seems pretty scary, huh? What makes it even scarier is that there are some really dirty drivers that will do anything to have that money and hold that trophy. Regardless of the situation.

Any racer who has every enjoyed even a small amount of success on a professional level knows that he must, from time to time, get his hands dirty during a competition. That being said, some of the most respected and big name drivers in racing history have had a reputation of being a dirty racer. But the question is, when is it too far. Like I said, these athletes are in a metal death trap that goes insanely fast. One nudge too hard and you could end the life of another human. Fines can be larger, rules can implements, but when are you going to have to take a stand on a receptively dirty driver.nascar


Author: sportswille

Reformed ad agency guy. Sac Kings, PGA Tour, Pebble Beach, Aspen yielded fascination with sports business. Now teach at my alma mater, University of Texas Austin: Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Business and Law and Sports Audiences. 40 year streak of single digit handicap under severe pressure.

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