Power Provided by Up and Coming Star

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Young up and coming star, Joey Gallo, has been making huge power plays for the Texas Rangers. Gallo, who is only 23 has being playing off the charts lately and has hit some of the farthest home runs by any player this season. In a recent game against the Royals on April 21st Gallo hit the longest home run in this 2017 major leagues season. His home run was measured out to be 462 feet. It was also logged in as the hardest hitting home run, coming in at 116 miles per hour. Since the beginning of April Gallo has already hit five home runs and six home runs for this season. He was a rookie last year and his stats are already amazing.

Gallo has always been known for his home runs. He played for Bishop Gorman High School in Nevada and hit a record breaking 67 home runs in his high school career. At the age of 17 he hit the 10th longest home run in a stadium they played in. He was awarded Gatorade player of the year and High School All American.

He has been known to have a problem with strikeouts and that is something he is working on. In an interview he said, “The kind of player I am, I go up to the plate and I’m looking to do damage every at-bat… When I get in trouble is when I go up to the plate and I’m thinking of not striking out or just trying to put the ball in play. My thoughts kind of get in the way of my swing and things just don’t work out for me.’’ This is something that he has been working toward and it seems to be paying off for him.

Gallo may only be 23, but he is starting to make a huge name for himself.


BY: Kristen Hanson



Author: sportswille

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