Rowing- Why Coxswains Make Good Cruise Ship Directors

A coxswain is typically the shortest in the boat. They sit facing the rowers, and bark out instructions at them. They control how fast they row, and most importantly steer the boat.

Here are some of their qualities that would make them a good cruise ship director…

  1. They are assertive
    1. If three seat keeps missing their catch you better bet the cox will call them out after their second missed catch.
  2. They are organized
    1. If they aren’t organized the whole boat falls apart. Figuratively and literally.
  3. They know how to steer the boat if the captain can’t
    1. A good coxswain can steer out of any situation. Hopefully.
  4. They are creative
    1. Coxswains have to create warm ups and race plans quickly. The more effective and creative, the better the rowers will row.
  5. They can improvise quickly
    1. When the cox box goes out with 1000 left, what do they do? Yell louder.
  6. They are small 
    1. They won’t take up a lot of room on the cruise ship. Less money for the cruise line to spend.
  7. They are good under pressure
    1. They control the race and have the whole boat relying on them to get across the line the fastest and most efficient way.
  8. They always put safety first
    1. Cox’s take every step possible to make sure their rowers are safe
  9. They are loud so you can always hear them
    1. Cox’s have the loudest voices. Period.
  10. They can take blame well
    1. If you have a good coxswain, they always take the blame for the rowers? Rowed at a 35 instead of a 32 even though the cox told the boat to take it down? Coxswains fault.



By: Jessica Robinson


Author: sportswille

Reformed ad agency guy. Sac Kings, PGA Tour, Pebble Beach, Aspen yielded fascination with sports business. Now teach at my alma mater, University of Texas Austin: Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Business and Law and Sports Audiences. 40 year streak of single digit handicap under severe pressure.

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