Moto GP: Another Success in ATX


Ah. Nothing better than the smell of fresh rubber tires and the eardrum-shattering sounds of the motorcycles as they pass each turn at unprecedented speeds.

This was my first time at any sort of Moto Grand Prix event in my lifetime, let alone my first trip to the famous Circuit of the Americas racetrack. And I think I can speak for everyone when I say 2017 was another smashing success for the event in Austin.

Having never attended an event of this sort before, I was totally amazed at just how many people traveled thousands of miles, from countries across the globe to come witness their favorite racers attempt to bring home the gold. It’s safe to say the sport is exponentially more popular in Europe than it is here in the States. However, Circuit of the Americas happens to be the only Moto GP track in America (hence the name), so I’m just lucky to have been in attendance.

The majority of fans were there in support of #46 Rossi, an older Italian racer who is the favorite of many. My friends described him as the LeBron James of the sport. I quickly became a bandwaggoner and joined on the trend.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of the bikes as they pass by. It’s insanely loud, and you definitely want to use some ear plugs if you want to be able to use your ears in the weeks to come.

The main race was shorter than I would have expected it be, only 26 short laps. I later realized this was to make sure the racers never had to refill on gas.

The race was over before I knew it, and fan favorite Rossi ended up making a wild comeback finish to place second overall. The Spanish native Marques took the crown, notching his 5th consecutive first place finish (its hard to bet against that).

However, the Italian fans and all fans in general seemed to be pretty content with the way the race finished. I think everyone was happy being able to watch a good clean, race with a close finish.

It’s hard to beat the rare brisk Spring day in Austin, especially while watching such a beautiful sport at the only track of its kind on the continent!

Austin is a beautiful city. Moto GP is a wonderful addition to the already tons of events going on here, and will hopefully last for years to come.


Author: sportswille

Reformed ad agency guy. Sac Kings, PGA Tour, Pebble Beach, Aspen yielded fascination with sports business. Now teach at my alma mater, University of Texas Austin: Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Business and Law and Sports Audiences. 40 year streak of single digit handicap under severe pressure.

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