Kevin Kisner Applies for NASCAR

“Kevin Kisner” a name we all may have been hearing recently, as he’s jumped from #236 to #21 in the world of golf rankings. Yet, this time we aren’t hearing about him for his achievements on the tour, but for some shenanigans that he and his buddies pulled off that managed to get him suspended from his home course. Kevin Kisner was recently featured in a video presented by Callaway, on the channel, Vice Sports that showed he and his friends enjoying a casual day of golf at Palmetto Golf Club in South Carolina, except it wasn’t so casual. The video shows Kevin Kisner and his pals partaking in some tomfoolery which involved dollar fifty beers, lots of them and a very competitive race involving the golf carts owned by Palmetto Golf Club. Apparently the private golf club that was founded in 1892 wasn’t fond of Kisner and his friends’ antics and thus decided to suspend them from the club. Kevin Kisner decided to take his suspension to his social media outlet twitter, sending out a series of tweets where he claimed that his suspension was “pretty comical.” Well, at least in the most positive light of the Vice Sports video, sources tell us that NASCAR has contacted Kisner with some interest in adding him as a competitive driver, as they saw he was a force to reckon with in the video. Watch out Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt, Kisner is about to be in the fast lane!

Kevin Kisner Tweets:

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Link to the video:

Written by: Daniel Romagosa (Group 6)