Texas’ Ace Wins on Saturday but ejected on Sunday

The Texas Longhorns picked up their fifth conference win of the season on Sunday against Oklahoma State, but not without causing an uproar.

With the bases loaded and no outs in the top of the third, Texas’ Ryan Reynolds found himself running toward the Cowboys’ dugout. Reynolds was chasing down a pop-fly in foul territory and despite making the catch, things continued to go foul.

Oklahoma State Head Coach Josh Holliday immediately began to argue with the umpires that Reynolds had breached the Cowboys dugout to retrieve the ball, but upon further review he was upheld and play was set to resume.

At least that’s what it looked like.

As Holliday continued to debate with the umpires, Texas’ head coach David Pierce left the dugout with the hope to get the game back in motion. To his surprise however, he was instantly ejected.

When umpires approached the Texas dugout to give them a warning, suddenly Texas’ Ace was ejected. Despite winning the day for the Horns on Saturday, Nolan Kingham was given the boot on Sunday after he was caught jawing at the umpire.

Reynolds would avenge his teammate and coach however in the bottom of the fifth as he would join Kody Clemens and Masen Hibbeler in accounting for 3 longhorn runs. This gave Texas a 4-3 lead heading into the sixth inning and the Cowboys never took the lead again.

Texas would rally a 13-hit game and defeat Oklahoma State 10-5 as they picked up their fifth conference win in just the sixth game played all season.

Kingham will be suspended for Tuesday’s game against Texas State but will look to resume conference play on Thursday night as Texas travels to Manhattan for a 3 game series against Kansas State.


The University of Texas is not a Football School Anymore

Volleyball on the rise

It is no secret that The University of Texas’ football program has had a rough time these past four years. Coaches have come and gone, games have been blown, and losing seasons are now the norm, but there is hope.


Yes, hope. When most people think of the University of Texas the first thing that comes to mind is football. The University of Texas has always been a football school, and when looking back at their history you get a good idea of why, but this has not been the case recently. The University of Texas has been severely lacking in the football win department these past four years, and it is starting to wear down the fans.

The amount of students attending the games has slowly been declining this season, with many students opting to watch the football game at home or at a bar rather than watching their school lose at home once again. This has caused people associated with the football program to lash out at the students, such as Tom Herman quoted saying “…the students need to do better”, which in turn has ostracised the student fan base even more.


A new hope for students and fans


A lesser talked about the program at the University of Texas is UT’s volleyball team. They have had amazing seasons these past four years, which is completely opposite of the football team, and are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve.

With their recent win against Baylor, UT is the Big 12 champion once again and is gearing up for their NCAA tournament games. With such a lackluster football team and such a great volleyball team, many students are starting to ask if UT is actually a football school, or if it is actually a volleyball school.

So what is it?

Thit is something the student body has to decide. Although students are starting to talk about the volleyball team more and more they have yet to fully accept that the volleyball team is leading the way when it comes to representing the flagship university of the state of Texas. Will they ever accept that UT is a volleyball school? We’ll find out soon, as the students begin to rally around the volleyball team as they dive and spike their way to an NCAA championship.

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Author: Trent Koen



Longhorns Dominate Mean Green in 3-0 Shutout

The University of Texas Women’s Soccer team moves on to round 2 in the NCAA Tournament after Friday’s victory over North Texas.

Led by Cyera Hintzen’s two goals, the Longhorns controlled the game from the first whistle. The first score came at the 20 minute mark, when Hintzen broke the tie with her first goal of the game. Just nine minutes later, Haley Berg scored a goal of her own to put the Horns up 2-0. Finally Hintzen sealed the game in the 68th minute with her second of the game to lead the Longhorns to a 3-0 win.

The Longhorns also dominated on defense, allowing only 3 shots on goal the entire game, all of which were saved by Nicole Curry in the net.

Texas will face Clemson in the second round of the tournament, Friday Nov. 17 at 5 p.m.

UT Football Wristband Seating… WTF

Midway through the season, UT implemented a new seating system where students in Sections 26, 27, and 28 were required to pick up wristbands prior to the game in order to


get into those respective sections.This resulted in the student section being emptier than normal. I was able to completely walk around without being smushed and there were even gaps of complete empty seating. The different wristband sections even were different colors so if you were Section 26, you would not be able to go into Section 27 or 28. I even had a Security guard walking around told me I was in Section 27 and I needed to walk back over to Section 26 even though there was four rows empty in front of me.

It will be interesting to see if UT implements this same system for next season!

Texas Women’s Soccer Prepares for NCAA Tournament

After boasting a 13-3-2 record in regular season play this season, the University of Texas women’s soccer team looks to continue the season this Friday in the first round of the NCAA Tournament against North Texas.

The Longhorns are a 4-seed in the 64-team tournament, with Duke, Texas A&M and USC taking the top four seeds on the same side of the bracket, respectively.

The Texas women’s team will host Friday’s game in Austin at 6:00 p.m., with the winner advancing to face off against the winner of the Clemson vs. Alabama game on the same day.

The Longhorns won their only previous meeting this season against the North Texas Mean Green. It came on a 1-0 win on a Sunday afternoon early into the season, with the lone goal scored by sophomore forward Cyera Hintzen, one of her seven goals this season.

D’Onta Foreman’s path to the NFL Draft

The anticipation surrounding the NFL draft is high, as prospects and fans look forward to the start of the draft this Thursday. Swoopes, Foreman, and Haines, are a couple of Texas prospects, but one stands out as the only junior on the roster, D’Onta Foreman.

The NFL Network released an exclusive interview with Texas running back D’Onta Foreman where he publicly revealed a secret that had inspired his outstanding final season as a Longhorn, the death of his premature son. “He was a fighter, you know,” Foreman said about his son. “He would like fight and he’s going to make it and everything will be fine.”

D’Onta Foreman Jr. developed an infection the day before playing Big 12 rival Texas Tech. Foreman described the news as heartbreaking but still went on to play the best game of his life, rushing 341 yards and 3 touchdowns, making it the third best rushing performance in Texas history. “It was something about that game. I was doing it for my son. I’m leaving it all out there,” he said.

Winner of the Doak Walker Award as the nation’s best running back, ending the season with over 2,000 yards and 15 touchdowns, there is no doubt that Foreman’s current projection as a second round pick this weekend is right on.

Texas, even with a less than stellar football season, has always been a team comprised of men with integrity, strength, and character, on and off the field, which is something that we can take full pride on. In life and in football, you have to keep moving through the tough parts and we are all very thankful for the drive and focus Foreman possessed through all this grief. He is without a doubt a class act, a fighter, and true Longhorn. I believe I can speak on behalf of Texas fans and those rooting for Foreman that we all wish him nothing but success in the NFL and the future ahead of him.

 – Laura Sorto

Can Texas make the 2017 College World Series?

Since The University of Texas Baseball’s debut in 1894, the Longhorns have competed in thousands of games and competed 35 times in the annual College World Series. The first of six National Championships Texas took home was in 1949 and the Longhorns are fighting like hell to make it 7 in 2017.

Despite a recent series loss against the Baylor Bears, Texas rebounded in last night’s final matchup against the Texas State Bobcats to win the series 2 games to 1. Texas is currently ranked 6th in the Big 12 by 2 games, however they are only down 7 games to first ranked TCU overall. The high speed performance of Texas this year still puts them in standing to go to a conference tournament, make the regional series, and play in a super regional series for their 36th appearance in the College World Series. With more than 6 weeks of regular season baseball left until the conference tournament, Texas may still be able to pull it off.

It’s been 12 years since Texas won the title in 2005, but only 6 since Texas has placed in the series, with a 7th place tie in 2011, and only 3 years since their last qualification into the tournament in 2014. Starting Friday, June 16th the opening celebration kicks off the 2017 College World series for 12 solid days of the best college baseball known to man.

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