The Road To The Big 12 – Doug Ghim & Scottie Scheffler

The Road To The Big 12; Will Doug Ghim and Scottie Scheffler lead the Horns to another victory?



Meet two of the leading UT Men’s Golf players, Junior Doug Ghim and Junior Scottie Scheffler. Both placed first and second respectively in the Longhorn Shootout on April 14th and continue to show their skill, poise, and class on and off the course.

The University of Texas Men’s Golf team hosted the Longhorn Shootout and placed first in the tournament, partially due to the success of Ghim on the green and Scheffler off the tee.


Junior Doug Ghim, took the medalist honors home while leading the then No.15 (now No.14) Longhorns to a first-place victory. Ghim has shown remarkable ability to focus in and laser his putts with undeniable accuracy. The ability to remain under control even when facing great pressure is a testament to his success. Ghim, currently ranked 27th in World of Amateur Golf Rankings, is a Chicago-area native from humble beginnings that worked his way to his collegiate success. He started to play golf at the age of 6, under his father’s training.


Junior Scottie Scheffler, currently ranked No. 15th in the World Amateur Golf Ranking, is a junior from Dallas, Texas. Scheffler also started playing as a kid with his father when he temporarily lived in New Jersey. He recalls playing with his father with the plastic putter until he graduated to real club. Ironically, golf was not the only sports interest for Scheffler. He participated in other sports like football, basketball, and baseball until college where he focused on golf game. However even before college, Scheffler had already tasted a lot of success.

Coming off their latest success at the Longhorn Shootout and their disappointing results at the Western Intercollegiate, both athletes are preparing for the Big 12 Championship on April 24-26. The Longhorns have finished 1st place in the Big 12 Conference for the last 4 years. With last year’s performance claiming a win by 26 strokes. This year, adding to the pressure, the Women’s UT Golf Team placed 1st in the Big 12 Conference in 2017!

Can the Men’s UT Golf Team continue their winning streak! Tune into from April 24-26th for live scoring updates!