Longhorns Join U.S. Women’s Team

Three former Longhorn Volleyball players, Rachel Adams, Molly McCage , and Chiaka Ogbogu, have been selected to join the U.S. Women’s Volleyball Team by head coach Karch Kiraly. The U.S. team is currently ranked second in the world and will compete in the inaugural FIVB Volleyball Nations League. The League will begin on May 15th with the U.S team facing off the 22nd ranked Poland team in the Bob Devaney Sports Center at the University of Nebraska campus. These talented alumnae are three of only twenty six women to be asked to join the team nationally. The team will be cut from 26 members to 21 by May 5th. From this 21 person team, 14 team members will be selected for the roster for each week of the league.

About the alumnae:

Rachel Adams is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. She studied Advertising in her time at The University of Texas at Austin. She earned a bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics and was a member of the 2014 FIVB World Champion Gold Team. She was named 2016 USA Volleyball Female Indoor Most Improved Player of the Year. Way to go, Rachel!

Molly McCage is a Texas native, growing up in Spring just outside of Houston. During her time at UT, she was named AVCA All-America Third Team in 2014 and 2015. She was also an all-time block assist leader at UT. This is Molly’s first large international volleyball competition. You got this, Molly!

Chiaka Ogbogu is also a Texas native, growing up in Coppell. She graduated in December 2017, making her additions to the FIVB team all the more impressive. Ogbogu earned Big Twelve Player of the year after the fall 2017 season. During her time at Texas, she broke many records. Two of her most notable include being the all-time career records for blocks and block assists as well as breaking the 1999 record for total blocks in a season. You are an all-star, Chiaka!

We are so proud of these talented alumnae. Hook em Horns and #PointTexas






Cavs Social: Does it Live up to the Hype?

Today we will be taking a look at which social media platform promotes the most engagement from fans. We will also dive into what the Cavs are doing well on each of these social media platforms as well as what they could improve upon. Without any further ado… let’s take a look.kevin-love-getty-jan-2018

1. Snapchat
The Cavs do a great job of giving fans an inside look of what is like playing for one of the best teams in the NBA. Most of their snaps are lighthearted and fun. The Cavs’ snap stories follow the ups and downs of the game including wins and losses. One thing that the Cavs could think about adding to their Snap game is more access to the coaching staff, just to give fans the entire experience. Snapchat doesn’t give access to friends or how many snaps were played so we’ll just have to guess. This is their least used social media platform.
2. Facebook
With Facebook starting to cater to an older crowd, the Cavs’ social team has done a good job of keeping their posts relevant on this platform. Although, they don’t post as much on Facebook as they do on Twitter, they do a good job of constantly running promotions and contests. The Cavs Facebook page at the time of this blog has 8.7 million likes and 8.6 million follows, putting them at the top of the heard in terms of NBA Facebook pages. One thing that I would recommend the Cavs add to their Facebook page would be to utilize Facebook live. Whether it is live streaming a game or a player interview, they could garner huge engagement and share-worthy content.

3. Instagram
The Cavs use instagram to highlight star players, give fan shout outs, and keep fans up to date on game schedules and series standings. The Cavs’ instagram account currently has 6.2 million followers and has published 8,629 posts. There most liked photo during our period of monitoring was a picture of Lebron with his phenomenal stats from Wednesday night’s playoff game. The picture generated 178,000 likes. The Cavs Instagram page also does a really good job of utilizing the video feature on Instagram to create really cool insightful content. One thing that we have seen other NBA teams do on their Insta pages is give shoutouts to players for birthdays and other milestones. This might be something that the Cavs could take advantage of as well.

4. Twitter
Twitter is the Cavs most used social media platform. Throughout the course of our social media project we have counted a minimum of 3 tweets per hour over a four week period. The Cavs Twitter page has 3.2 million followers and 13,300 likes. Their Tweets range anywhere from game updates, to contests, and even player quotes and highlight videos. The Cavs do a great job of managing their Twitter page so we don’t have any recommendations on what they could do differently.

The Best Cavalier Playoff Promotions

Three examples of how the Cavs have leveraged the playoffs to increase fan engagement and accomplish team social media goals.

  1. A Game 3 Watch Party at the Cavs home arena is an excellent experiential event for fans. Fans will congregate and get extra excited about the team’s road match-up. Once fans arrive, the team has other promotions planned, one of which encourages fans to sign up for a free Wine and Gold Nation account in exchange for prizes. This is smart because it lets fans show their avidity, grows the team’s fan contact list, and lets the team better understand its fans.
  2. The #CavsColors social media promotion, where the team encourages fans to post pictures of themselves in team gear for the chance to win various prizes including game tickets. This allows the team to assemble a collection of promotional images that could be used later, and also shows to potential new fans the attractive aesthetics associated with being a fan of the Cavaliers. This is an intelligent way to reward avid fans and encourage casual ones to become more avid.
  3. The last promotion we want to highlight is the Whatever It Takes experiential and Instagram promotion that intelligently uses the playoffs to encourage fan avidity and interaction. In this promotion, the Wine and Gold Nation teases a playoff celebration somewhere in Cleveland and tells fans the only way to find the party is to follow the WGNation Instagram Story’s clues. This leverages playoff excitement and fan avidity to increase the team’s official fan Instagram account’s following. The account can later use this following to offer the fans relevant deals and offers easily, and follower demographics could be analyzed to determine what kind of audience the account should tailor its posts to.

These promotions are just a few examples of how to use the playoffs to achieve team goals of increasing team social media account followings, increasing the amount of fan information registered with the team, and increasing the number of avid fans the team has.


Masters 2018

Every year, the top ranked golfers from far and near head to Augusta, Georgia for the biggest event in golfing history: the Masters Tournament. If you know golf, you know that nothing beats the drive up Magnolia lane to the Augusta National golf course. I mean, it doesn’t get any prettier than this. The place has flowers in place that bloom during this infamous weekend and each hole is specifically named after a flower, THAT is how manicured this piece of land is.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the main point here. I mean a tournament is about who’s going to take home the new title as a winner and also who’s going to be right behind him. The winner of the Masters get’s a cool green jacket that they can wear for an entire year! Okay and that’s not all… the winner of the tournament gets to pick next years winner’s food! I don’t know about you but I’d be in it for the jacket.

And since we’re all Texas Longhorns here, we all know who Jordan Speith is. You know, sponsored by Under Armour, the youngest to play in the Presidents Cup, a two time U.S. Junior Amateur champion, and not to mention he won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AS A FRESHMAN AT UT. And because he was able to accomplish all of these things at such an incredibly young age, golf fans thought that he was going to take home the W. But after a long hard battle, Patrick Reed came to steal the limelight from Speith as he took the first place win with Ricky Fowler finishing second.

At the same time, Tiger Woods competed in the tournament and didn’t do as well as well as he had hoped. But after being away from the course for a while, he was just happy to be back, doing what he loved most.


There is no telling what next year will bring… will Speith win his first Masters?

Houston Astros Uniform Evolution

Messages Image(2920241373)

Fashion is never something that comes to mind when you think of athletes. It’s always about the talent they possess rather than the garment on their body while playing, but what they wear is an integral part of how they are seen by many people whether they, or the rest of the world, knows it or not.

When you’re at a game now, and the players come out, usually the first thing that comes to mind is, “wow they look so good!” or, if you’re a girl then it’s usually, “he’s my favorite he’s so hot!” keeping it real, but of course there’s a reason behind that. Back in the day the Astros uniform was not something that would be thought to be aesthetically pleasing in this generation. The bright orange stripes, the design, the fit, it all differed.

When a player wears something, their fans wear it too. The jerseys worn by the Astros players are sold worldwide because of the reputation the players have and the talent of the team.  Of course, people will still buy the jersey no matter what the design, but seeing as how it’s evolved so much in the years shows how the team has evolved as well.

Just going from 2012-2013, the uniform changed so much. 2012 was pinstripes, a bold “Astros” and that’s it. Not very clean, not very pleasing to see, but they stepped it up in 2013 with a solid white. The solid white has orange lining, the jersey number on the left breast of the jersey, and “Astros” in simple letters across the chest. Not only is this design pleasing to look at, but it shows that the team has really evolved from the days of stripes and bold harsh colors and lines, to a clean, polished look.


They aren’t trying to make a statement, they ARE the statement.

Things you may not know about the new Texas Rangers Ballpark

Less than a year underway and the new Texas Rangers’ stadium is taking great strides. Here are a few facts fans may not expect about the new ballpark

  • The ballpark is projected to cost a whopping $1.1 Billion
  • Biggest highlight: Retractable roof over the ballpark and potentially climate control (aka Air Conditioning in those hot summer months!)
  • The new stadium is scheduled to open for the 2020 season
  • The new field is located just spitting distance from the current Globe Life Park
  • The new lease will keep the Texas Rangers in Arlington until at least 2053, or 35 more years
  • The new stadium will actually hold less people than the current one with a capacity of 44,000 compared to the current 48,000
  • The field potentially will be one of only three ballparks with turf– the verdict is still out
  • Overall, the new Texas Rangers’ ballpark will have a traditional and timeless feel, paying tribute to the classic look of the current Globe Life Park

With at least two more years of construction, many more excited additions will be unrolled throughout the journey. Check out the live camera feed below to follow along with the process!


Globe Life Field construction cam.jpeg



Women Aim for Back-To-Back Big XII Title

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 12.18.41 PM

The No.7 Texas Women’s golf team has loaded the bus and are on their way to Dallas, Texas to compete in the 22nd annual Big 12 Women’s Golf Championship. Play will begin Friday and conclude on Sunday, April 20-22 at the Dallas Athletic Club. Due to weather predictions, the teams will compete in 36 holes of Friday, skip play Saturday, and return Sunday for the final 18 holes. An awards ceremony will follow the final round on Sunday. They will be competing for their fifth all-time Big 12 Championship and second consecutive after claiming the title last year (2017).

Out of 9 total teams, Texas enters the tournament with a well-earned top seed. They will begin play with No.2 seed Oklahoma State and No. 3 seed Oklahoma at 8:00 am CT.

Team scoring will consist of five golfers and the lowest four scores per round from the designated five-player team will be used. Texas lineup consists of senior Sophia Schubert, freshman Kaitlyn Papp, sophomore Emilee Hoffman, sophomore Greta Isabella Volker and freshman Agathe Laisne.

Keep your eyes peeled for Texas’  Papp and Schubert who enter the tournament with the top-two stroke averages of the season. They are two out of three Big 12 golfers (Oklahoma’s Julienne Soo) to have stroke averages better than 72. With these averages, they have maintained a ranking within the nations  top-15 individually and will be key players as the Texas team fights for the win.

If the team earns the Big XII title, Texas will honor the team by lighting The Tower entirely orange as a celebration of their victory. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the orange tower Sunday night! 

Follow along:  Live Stats